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Law and Justice in the European Union


Do we require more or less integration in the EU? How to assess current dynamics of (dis)integration within the EU from the perspective of justice? Whether as lawyers or as citizens, we are all regularly confronted with these questions. Current political challenges within the continent and at a global scale, such as growing social inequality, democratic backsliding, and a relentless climate change, seem to call for “more” and “less EU” at the same time. But does “more” integration necessarily mean legal homogeneity? How much legal and regulatory diversity is possible and desirable among EU member states?

The minor ‘Law and Justice in the European Union’ examines these integration and disintegration dynamics in addressing several policy challenges for the European Union and the world from the perspective of evolving conceptions of socio-political justice. Among other challenges, it explores the various ways in which European Union increases or reduces inequality within, among, and beyond its member states, with a specific focus on assessing the role of EU law as an agent of (in)equality throughout a range of legal fields, such as EU competition law, environmental law, labour law, financial law, criminal law, consumer law, and human rights law.

Minor Law and Justice in the EU
What is this minor about?

Students and lecturers from Law and Justice in the EU will tell you what you can expect from this minor.

This minor helps you to boost your learning of the law in its social, political and economic contexts. At the same time, it enhances your ability to read, listen, write, and argue in English about legal issues, an indispensable skill in current working environments. The minor culminates in an intensive moot court exercise, in which you will experience the EU law in practice.


The minor is organized in three separate courses:

  • Integration and Disintegration within European Union Law (6 EC)
  • European Private law and Inequality (6 EC)
  • Moot Court in European Union Law (3 EC)

The information in the Course Catalogue applies to the current academic year and may change for the following year. From June onwards, the information for next academic year can be found in the Course Catalogue.

Entry requirements

The course is open to Law students and students on a law track in an interdisciplinary study such as PPLE, AUC, European Studies or Business Administration. If you are currently enrolled in a university Bachelor’s programme but fail to meet the admission requirements for this minor, please contact the coordinator. HBO (higher education with applied emphasis) students are ineligible for this minor.


R.J. (Rodrigo) Vallejo Garretón

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Facts & Figures
15 ECTS, 6 months
Language of instruction
Roeterseiland campus