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Research themes

ACT's research is divided in 3 research themes.

Research Themes

Below are brief descriptions of ACT research themes.  For more detailed information, please see the links to the individual theme pages on the left of this page.

Theme One:  EU private law integration and its effects on national private laws (led by Prof. Marco loos & Prof. Aukje van Hoek)

This theme addresses the impact of EU law on the national private laws of EU member states.  Research focuses mainly on consumer and private international law.  Topics include divergent interpretations of EU laws, effects of EU laws on the national laws of members states and the compliance or non-compliance of national courts with CJEU rulings.

Theme Two: Property, Publicity, Priority (led by Prof. Arthur Salomons & Prof. Rolef. J. de Weijs)

The proposed Common European Sales law does not currently address property law.  This research theme examines the role of property law integration, either in a later stage of the Sales Law (CESL) or through another European Instrument.

Theme Three: The legitimacy of postnational private law (led by Prof. Martijn Hesselink & Prof. Chantal Mak)

This theme examines the political-philosophical foundations of postnational private law, by analysing the implications of leading theories of social justice for fundamental questions concerning the Europeanisation and globalisation of private law. In particular, it addresses the normative question of legitimacy from the perspectives of both law making (democracy) and outcomes (justice).