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On Monday 10 January, ACT held the fifth edition of the “Meat the Law” series. Meat the Law is a series of events focused around sustainability in the meat industry. Previous events have focused on Finance and the Meat Industry and ‘Plant-based’ accurate information, sustainable lifestyles, and labour in the meat industry.

This fifth installment of the "Meat the Law" seminar series focused on experiences of organizing and resistance in the meat industry.  This session was a multi-national conversation, which featured speakers and their perspectives on labour conditions and methods of organization in Italy and Spain.

Valeria Piro (University of Milan) and Devi Sacchetto (University of Padua)  focused on the labour process and on the role of race and racialization in the meat industry in Northern Italy in their paper "Subcontracted racial capitalism: the interrelationship of race and production in meat processing plants".

Sergio Zulian (ADL COBAS - independent grassroot union active in the North East of Italy) identified the ways in which an independent union organizes workers in Northern Italy in his paper "Organising, resistance and collective struggles in Northern Italy."

Mónica Gómez  (CCOO - Confederación Sindical de Comisiones Obreras / Trade Union Confederation of Workers' Commissions) brought the discussion to Spain, where she identified ways in which labour reforms have allowed for the exploitation of workers in her paper "Organising and collective action in the Catalonian meat sector."

You can access the presentations by following the link to the recording below. You can also  find more information about the event, including speaker bios and abstracts on the event page linked below.

If you are interested in the previous sessions of Meat the Law, you can find summaries and selected recordings below:

Stay tuned for information about any possible upcoming Meat the Law events! In the meantime, you can also see many other upcoming ACT events, several of which will also touch on sustainability on our events page.