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Working papers 2015

1. Loos, M.B.M. & J.A. Luzak, Wanted: A Bigger Stick. On Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts with Online Service Providers

2. Luzak, J.A., Passive Consumers vs. the New Online Disclosure Rules of the Consumer Rights Directive

3. Luzak, J.A., European Private Law: Up in the Air?

4. Luzak, J.A., A storm in a teacup? On consumers’ remedies for non-conforming goods after Weber and Putz

5. Weijs, R.J. & B. Wessels, Proposed Recommendations for the Reform of Chapter 11 U.S. Bankruptcy Code

6. Mak, C., Free Movement and Contract Law

7. Luzak, J.A., Empirical evidence in consumer law cases: what are “up to” claims up to?

8. Hesselink, M.W., The Justice Dimensions of the Relationship between Fundamental Rights and Private Law

9. Hesselink, M.W., Contract theory and EU contract law

10. Bartl, M. & C. Leone, Minimum Harmonisation and Article 16 CFR: Difficult Times Ahead for Social Legislation?

11. Loos, M.B.M., Consumer ADR after implementation of the ADR Directive: enforcing European consumer rights at the detriment of European consumer law

12. Luzak, J.A., The new ADR Directive: designed to fail? A short but hole-ridden stairway to consumer justice