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Working papers 2014

  1. Weijs,R.J., Nieuwe regels omtrent aandeelhoudersleningen: tussen afdwingbaarheid en onrechtmatigheid in. Preadvies NVRII 2013.
  2. Weijs,R.J., A Basic Introduction to balance Sheet and Solvency Analyses.
  3. Hesselink, M.W., Democratic Contract Law.
  4. Oderkerk, A.E., The need for a methodological framework for comparative legal research: sense and nonsense of ‘methodological pluralismin comparative law
  5. Hesselink, M.W., Could a fair price rule (or its absence) be unjust? On the relationship between contract law, justice and democracy
  6. Hesselink, M.W., Civil Law
  7. Mak, C., On Beauty and Being Fair. The interaction of national and supranational judiciaries in the development of a European law on remedies
  8. Luzak, J.A., Online consumer contracts
  9. Hesselink, M.W., Post-private Law?
  10. Tjon Soei Len, L.K.L., Fundamental Rights, Capabilities, and Private Legal Relationships
  11. Tjon Soei Len, L.K.L., Contracts for Sexual Services and Consumer Protection
  12. Loos, M.B.M., Consumer sales in The Netherlands after implementation of the Consumer Rights Directive and with a view to the future Common European Sales Law
  13. Hesselink, M.W., Unfair Prices in the Common European Sales Law
  14. Hesselink, M.W., Unjust Conduct in the Internal Market. On the role of European private law in the division of moral responsibilitybetween the EU, its Member States and their citizens