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Working papers 2013

1. Luzak, J.A. & V. Mak, The Consumer Rights Directive.

2. Hesselink, M.W.,  Private law principles, pluralism and perfectionism.

3. Hesselink, M.W., Unconscionability, Unfair Exploitation and the Nature of Contract Theory. Comments on Melvin Eisenberg's ‘Foundational Principles of Contract Law’

4.  Luzak, J.A., To withdraw or not to withdraw? Evaluation of the Mandatory Right of Withdrawal in Consumer Distance Selling Contracts taking into account its Behavioural Effects on Consumers.

5.  Mak, C., Unchart(er)ed Territory . EU Fundamental Rights and National Private Law.

6. Mak, C., The One and the Many. Translating Insights from Constitutional Pluralism to European Contract Law Theory.

7. Weijs, R.J. de & M. Breeman,  Comi-migration: Use or Abuse of European Insolvency Law?

8. Mak, C., Children’s Rights in EU Law.

9. Bartl, M., Taming EU Functionalism: Subsidiarity and the Substantive Democratic Deficit.

10. Loos, M.B.M., The regulation of digital content B2C contracts in CESL.

11. Loos, M.B.M., Right of Withdrawal – Interoperability of Directives.

12. Luzak, J.A., Privacy notice for dummies? Towards european guidelines on how to give ‘clear and comprehensive information’ on the cookies’ use in order to protect the internet user’s right to online privacy.

13.  Klijnsma, J.G., Contract Law as Fairness.