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Working papers 2012

1. Hesselink, M.W., The Case for a Common European Sales Law in an Age of Rising Nationalism

2. Mak, C., Europe-building through Private Law. Lessons from Constitutional Theory

3. Hesselink, M.W., How many systems of private law are there in Europe? On plural legal sources, multiple identities and the unity of law

4. Loos, M.B.M., Standard contract terms regulation in the proposal for a Common European Sales Law

5. Loos, M.B.M., N. Helberger, L. Guibault, C. Mak & L. Pessers, Digital Content Contracts for Consumers

6. Mak, C., Fundamental Rights and Digital Content Contracts

7. Hesselink, M.W. & M.B.M. Loos, Unfair Contract terms in B2C Contracts

8. Loos, M.B.M. & C. Mak, Remedies for buyers in case of contracts for the supply of digital content

9. Salomons, A.F., Comparative law and the quest for optimal rules on the transfer of movables for Europe

10. Mak,C., Unweaving the CESL, Legal-Economic Reason and Institutional Imagination in European Contract Law

11. Mak, C.,Rights and Remedies. Article 47 EUCFR and Effective Judicial Protection in European Private Law Matters

12. Mak, C., Judges in Utopia. Fundamental Rights as Constitutive Elements of a European Private Legal Culture

13. Weijs, R.J. de, Too Big To Fail as a game of chicken with the state: What insolvency law theory has to say about TBTF and vice versa

14.  Loos, M.B.M. & H.N. Schelhaas, Commercial sales: the Common European Sales Law compared to the Vienna Sales Convention