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Amsterdam Centre for Transformative Private Law (ACT)

ACT members participate in a variety of international research groups and collaborations. These include:

International Collaborations

The Common Core of European private Law (Trento Project)

Research methods may differ significantly among European Union members.  This project seeks to establish common rules with respect to certain fields of private law.

European Law Institute

Founded in 2011, the European Law Institute conducts and facilitates research and makes recommendations on practical ways to improve the quality of European law.   Several ACT members belong to the Institute.

The Study Group on Social Justice in European Private Law

This group conducts research on social justice and regulatory legitimacy in European Contract law.  Participating researchers come from the ACT, the Paris I, the London School of Economics, the European University Institute in Florence, the University of Helsinki, ZERP in Bremen, the Karl-Franzens-Universitӓt Graz and the University of Catania.

The Network on Private Law Theory

The Private Law Theory (PLT) network is dedicated to cross-cultural brainstorming on theoretical foundations and future developments in private law.  Embracing a variety of theoretical theories and fields of law, the PLT seeks to develop a vision of what private law could mean in the 21st century.

The Ius Commune Research School

The Ius Commune Research School is a cooperation between the law schools of the  Maastricht University, the Catholic University of Leuven, Utrecht University and the University of Amsterdam. Individual researchers also participate from the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa, the University of Edinburg in Scotland, the Free University in Amsterdam, Tilburg University and Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

In addition to the above collaborations, ACT is a partner of the Finnish Centre of Excellence in the Foundations of European Law and Polity Research. Individual ACT researchers also cooperate on a regular basis with scholars from leading European and American universities like Harvard, EUI, LSE, Oxford and Sciences Po.

Local Collaborations

The ACT is part of the University of Amsterdam’s Research Priority Area (RPA) in Private and Public European Law, through which it works with the Amsterdam Centre for European Law and Governance (ACELG) and the Amsterdam Centre for Tax Law (ACTL).

In January 2017, ACT along with the Amsterdam Centre for International Law (ACIL) and the Amsterdam Centre for European Law and Governance (ACELG) launched the multidisciplinary research programme Law and Justice Across Borders. It unites researchers from a variety of mainly legal disciplines with the aim to study and critically evaluate the role of law in the processes of Europeanisation and globalisation and their countertendencies. This builds on the previous joint research project The Architecture of Postnational Rulemaking: Views from international public Law, European public law and European private law.

The ACT also frequently works with the Amsterdam Centre for Law and Economics (ACLE) to organise joint research projects and seminars.