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Amsterdam Centre for Transformative Private Law (ACT)

Master European Private Law

Private law in Europe has undergone rapid transformation over the last two decades. From being a branch of law that was hardly affected by European Community (EC) legislation, it has become the object of a multitude of harmonisation measures, to the point that the idea of a European civil code is now a priority on the political agenda.These changes create a growing demand for lawyers who understand both existing European private law and the Europeanisation process.

The ACT master’s programme in European Private Law incorporates interdisciplinary insights from economics and political science into legal study to prepare students for practice in this rapidly changing field of law. ACT researchers teach the majority of classes.

Prospective students can find more information about the LLM in European Private Law via the link below.  

Minor Law and Justice in the European Union

Do we want more or less integration in the EU? Both as lawyers and as citizens, we are all confronted with this question on a daily basis. Current challenges within the continent and at a global scale, such as growing inequality, seem to call for “more” and “less EU” at the same time. The minor ‘Law and Justice in the European Union’ investigates integration and disintegration dynamics, their drivers and consequences in specific policy areas and for the Union as a whole, and explores the various ways in which European Union increases and reduces inequality, with a specific focus on the EU private law as an agent of inequality and equality.

This minor helps Bachelor’s students boost their learning not only of the law in its political and economic contexts but also their ability to read, listen, write and argue in English about legal issues, an indispensable skill in many working environments. It culminates in an intensive moot court exercise, in which students experience the law in practice.

Enrolled Bachelor's students at UvA and prospective guest students can find out more about the Minor in Law and Justice in the European Union via the link below.